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Noah & I

Hi, I’m Jean, I’m retired w 32 yrs of Federal Service(7 yrs USAF and 25 yrs USPS). I’m married, my wife Joann, also retired 31 yrs USPS,we stay busy  3 adult children and 4 granddaughters and 1 great grandson  and my Dad. P/T care for Our Brother Rob suffers with Epilespy.

Rob, Jo & I

                                                                                                                                                                         Co-Founder and Volunteer            “Team Shake N Bake”

 I’ve been interested in learning How to Make Money Online Work at Home, As I was Researching, I was beginning to get Discouraged. The scams , Who Can You Really Trust. I came across ” An Offer To Good To Be True”, (not first one), 7 Free Days with training and community support.
      In 7 Days I Set Up  A Website and wrote Content Pages.                               The information was so awesome that I joined in 5 days.
  I am now on the path to Having a SUCCESSFUL Internet Business and in the comfort of my home and I am READY to HELP YOU in Learning How you to can have A SUCCESSFUL INTERNET BUSINESS .

Here is my personal invite to your Success!!!

  Thank You for Visiting  My Website and Much Success.



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